Mumbles Baptist Church - Children's Clubs
Children's Clubs

At Mumbles Baptist Church we have a varied programme of clubs and activities to suit children at all ages.

  • Sunday morning - Navigators
  • Sunday evening (alternating) - Sunday Night Thing
  • Monday morning - Chatterbox
  • Monday afternoon - Sparklers
  • Saturday night (first Saturday of month) - Lighthouse

See opposite for details.

 Navigators (Sunday School)
  We join in the first part of the morning service, then go through to the Church Hall for Sunday School. We sing some songs together and say a prayer, and then divide into 6 groups using the Light series from Scripture Union.

  Chatterbox is a group for babies, toddlers and their carers. We play, have craft, sing songs and nursery rhymes, and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits. Children have squash and biscuits too.

We meet Mondays and Fridays, 9.15am-11.15am in the Church Hall.

  Sparklers is a group for parents and carers with children aged 3-4years. Younger siblings are also very welcome. We have some free play time, children's crafts, a snack and stories and songs.

We meet Mondays, 1pm-2.30pm in the Church Hall.

  Lighthouse is a fun youth club at MBC.

We'll have table football, snooker, air hockey, x-box, soft dodge ball, football or hockey, beauty, craft, music, tuck, a short talk and lots more! Free entry - come along and have some fun!

First Saturday of every month, 6.30pm to 8pm, for school years 4 - 9.