Mumbles Baptist Church - Meetings and Clubs
Meetings and Clubs

Mumbles Baptist Church has a number of groups and clubs that meet up weekly, monthly, or on an occasional basis. See the information opposite for more details.

We're always open to new ideas if you think we're missing something!

 Mumbles Afternoon Fellowship
  Mumbles Afternoon Fellowship is a time of fellowship for anyone who comes to church in the Mumbles area.

We meet in the Church Hall from 2.30 to 3.30 every Thursday. We also organise trips and meals for special occasions.

We begin with a prayer and a hymn, followed by a short reading and news about the fellowship. We have a different speaker every week, with a message about Christian work in the UK and overseas.

 Men's Fellowship
  The Men's Fellowship is attended by men from our own church and other churches, and we usually number 30 to 35.

We meet in the Church Hall from 12.30 to around 2pm on the first Friday of every month. A lunch is provided for a small charge, and surplus money is given to Christian work in other lands. A message is given on variety of topics with a Christian theme.

 20s - 40s Group
  20s-40s is an informal group that meets up every couple of months to have fun and to get to know each other better.

We organise various social events, usually involving food (e.g. curry night, Chinese meal, 10-pin bowling). See this site or monthly notices for our next event.