We believe:

In the living eternal God who exists in a loving relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That God created everything in the Universe for His glory, including humanity. Every person has been individually created by God and is deeply loved.

That humankind, each one of us, has rebelled against God and live imperfect lives. As a result, we are all separated from God.

That Jesus, the Son of God, came to live on earth and chose to die on a cross, taking the punishment for everything that we do wrong.

In Jesus’ resurrection - that He literally came back to life - and that it is only through faith in Jesus that God will restore our relationship with Him and allow us to live in heaven for eternity.

That faith in Jesus involves asking Him for forgiveness and trusting that He can forgive all our wrongdoing

That the Bible is physically written by humans but inspired and fully authored by God and as such it is trustworthy and the authority by which we live our lives.

That the worldwide church is made up of all those who have trusted Jesus, repented of their sins and who now seek to love Jesus and share the good news about Him with those around them.

That the local church is a gathering of Christians to pray, worship, encourage each other, serve the local community and make disciples - helping others to trust and follow Jesus for themselves.

That every believer is given gifts through the Holy Spirit to enable them to serve God and the church in their local setting.