We record all the services on Sunday mornings and evenings, so you can listen to any services you've missed. To listen to a service, click one of the "speaker" icons below, and it should start straightaway.

Each service is a separate .mp3 file. This is the standard format for audio files, and is supported by most computers, tablets, and smartphones.

There's no limit to the number of times you can download and play these files. We'll keep each recording for about 4 months.

October 2019

Date Morning Evening
Sunday 20 Oct
Sunday 13 Oct
Sunday 6 Oct

September 2019

Date Morning Evening
Sunday 29 Sept
Sunday 22 Sept
Sunday 15 Sept
Sunday 8 Sept
Sunday 1 Sept

August 2019

Date Morning Evening
Sunday 25 Aug
Sunday 18 Aug [n/a]
Sunday 11 Aug
Sunday 4 Aug